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If walls could talk...

The Criterion Restaurant. The name alone conjures up visions of a glorious past. As you sit and lose yourself in the opulence of the neo-Byzantine architecture, it's easy to believe the building is soaked in a fascinating history. With its gold and marble shimmering alongside the mosaics, mirrors and plaques, the restaurant has an almost celestial air. If the walls could talk, they would surely whisper to you their secrets...

They would tell of when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle first imagined the meeting between Dr. Watson and the enigmatic Sherlock Holmes, in the Criterion Long Bar.

Or the gatherings of the proud suffragettes, and how their resolute discussions changed the face of democracy.

They may elaborate on the charged negotiations between Winston Churchill and David Lloyd George as the two political titans thrashed out their views.

Or how about the Luncheon Clubs of the early 1920s? Perhaps they would recount the enchanting times when Edgar Wallace, Sir Hugh Walpole, G.K. Chesterton and Bertrand Russell regaled the members with enthralling anecdotes?

They would certainly remember the celebrations at the Royal College of Science's First Annual Dinner. The Chairman that night was none other than H.G. Wells, the pioneer of science fiction.

More recently, they would describe the epic Hollywood production of 'Batman: The Dark Knight', or the emotional shooting of British drama Downton Abbey. They would speak of the magnetic presence of Russell Crowe as he filmed scenes for 'A Good Year' or of Madonna's charisma when filming WE.

And there would be more. Much more. They would also tell stories about the eminent guests of today – the politicians, the members of the Royal family, the showbiz superstars of stage and screen... the list goes on.

But maybe, just maybe, they would say nothing because they would be too busy listening to how you belong in the hallowed pantheon of their esteemed guests.

Only time will tell.

The Criterion Restaurant.
Food. History. Legend.