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Of course, a restaurant is nothing without its cuisine, and with new head chef – Artan Hasa – now running things in the kitchen, diners can look forward to an exquisite array of mouth-watering delights.

Artan only uses the finest and freshest ingredients and when he is not creating alchemy in the kitchen, he is scouring the land for new suppliers. He believes in forming close relationships with the farms he sources from and looks for purveyors who concentrate on a single area of expertise; something that, he insists, is an indication of true passion. With fish caught and delivered every day from Looe in Cornwall, and lamb and pork sourced and delivered fresh from Cumbria, it is evident that he will leave no stone unturned in his pursuit of excellence.

But it’s what he actually does with the ingredients that will delight the Criterion's guests. The tantalising new menu, which can be termed as 'Modern European/ Contemporary English', is clearly one of the main reasons why visitors both recommend and return to the restaurant.

With signature dishes including pork (Gloucester Old Spot) cooked three ways – cured loin, slow-roasted belly, and panfried black pudding – it's clear to see why.

With Artan at the helm, we're sure you'll find that one visit to the Criterion Restaurant is never enough.

For me, cooking is about passion and focus. I look for suppliers who specialise in one area. If a farm spreads itself too thinly then quality drops. But it's not just where I get my ingredients from that counts. I demand skill, commitment, dedication and desire from everybody around me – my suppliers, my kitchen staff... everybody. When you have talent, enthusiasm commitment running through the whole chain you know the customer will ultimately experience it on their plate. And, when all is said and done, its the customer that must always come first.
Artan Hasa - Head Chef